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We are currently recruiting technical translators.
Job Summary
Job details Translation in the fields of IT/telecommunications, electricity/electronics, mechanics, chemistry, medical/pharmaceutical science, biology, construction/civil engineering, contracts, accounting, finance, or politics and economics
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese. Dutch, Polish, Greek, Malay, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bengali, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Norwegian, Mongolian, Bulgarian, Czech, Thai, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Nepali, Khmer, Hindi, Hungarian, Lao, Croatian, Hebrew, Burmese, Romanian, Pashto, Urdu, or other languages
Type of employment Freelance (telecommuter/in-house translator)
Qualifications Must pass our translation trial.
Requirements PC skills required. Internet connection is required.
Japanese communication ability is required for those who want to work at the company.
Application Complete the following application form and submit it.
You will then receive a translation trial via email. After reviewing your application form and translation trial, we will contact you with your application and trial results. Select a subject from a list of trial subjects. (You can select one or more.)
If you are good at any foreign language(s) other than English, please specify your field of expertise.
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We will decide your trial subject(s) depending on the subjects selected and your work experience.
Patent (Mechanics)
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Nuclear energy
Patent (Electricity)
Patent (Computers)
Patent (Biology)
Agriculture/ Fishery
Medical equipment
Patent (Business models)
Construction/ Civil Engineering
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