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Our company has over 7 years of successful experience of translating and localizing English websites into foreing languages such as Vietnamese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and others. We provide only professional website localization services. We don't translate using free machine translators. In fact, any online machine translator produces results that are only 49% accurate. If you are serious about your company business overseas, we recommend you to spend some more initial capital, and have your corporate website translated professionally by native speakers of a target language you might need. We have extensive expertize working with various types of source files such as HTML, XHML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, AJAX, ACCESS and SQL. Unlike our competition, we deliver translations much faster and provide customer support on going basis, not only before a sale. We do not offer the all major languages translation, we also provide all type of e-commercial website solution, click Design Pro to see in detail.

Our company offers professional translation services for websites and portals. We can translate your website to all major languages and make it accessible for users all over the world. We use only professional, human translators to make your website look natural for foreign users. If you need cost-efficient language translation services, look no further, is your one stop source for website translation and on-going support services.
The expansion of the Internet as a global communications medium continues to develop. There is a huge market for international websites, over 100 million access the internet in a language other than Vietnamese. There are two major points are worth considering. First, the target audience's willingness to read a Web site increases by over 300% if the site is written in their native language. Second, compared with the costs of building a Web site, Web site localization is a very cost-efficient alternative.

By using specialized software for Web site localization, ensures that the Web design doesn't need to be recreated from scratch after the translation. The translation retains the HTML structure and localizes buttons, graphics, Java applets, Flash animations, WAV and MP3 files, and so on. Finally, we make sure that the "look" of the translated site is impeccable. Thus clients receive Web sites that can be published at the click of a button.

What file types do we work with?
• JAVA and JavaScript
• ColdFusion

Even if, in the future, you need to update contents of your website in foreign language, we can assist you with that, too. If your website updates frequently and you want to keep up with changes in the foreign versions of your website, you can purchase an additional subscription plan. For a fixed price per month, our company will do any upgrades in translation of your website. Thus, your website will look always up to date.

Additional Services:

Document Translation
Website Translation and Localization
Software localization and globalization
Interpreting services
Proofreading Services
Voice-over and Voice Actors

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